Who: Shelter for animals ‘Sirius’. The biggest animal shelter in Ukraine.

What: Identity design for the charity festival dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the shelter.

Concept: ‘Sirius’ is the biggest shelter for animals in Ukraine, which provides care for more than 3000 animals, was founded in 2000 in Yasnogorodka village, nearby Kyiv. In May 2020, Sirius celebrated its 20th anniversary and invited people to come together with their pets to celebrate this joyful date during a one-day-charity festival in Kyiv. The goal of the event was to raise funds for its lovely ward’s care, as well as to remind people about an importance of animal adoption. To announce the festival on social media, our team developed a short set of appealing graphics, designed as a dynamic constructor, where different collage elements gathered together as puzzles and built engaging visual stories. Texturized fragments transforms into festive confetti, while personages of animals wear playful holidays-at-home clothes to transmit the cozy, kind and joyful atmosphere of the celebration. Only light lines on the background gently reminding about shelter aesthetics, and fence mesh as a part of these animal’s lives.


Art direction: Artem Gusev
Design: Marina Dykukha
Copyright: Sergey Artemenko


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic events, the festival had to be paused, and the project wasn’t implemented, but the team hope to give it a chance in 2021.

The project was created while working in the advertising agency “Tabasco”.

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Design by Marina Dykukha